Navigating Your Octava Engineering Account

Mark Switzer

Navigating Your Octava Engineering Account

From a single account, manage devices across facilities, purchase Test Minutes, check on order status, and view usage history.

Log in

Find the person icon in the upper navigation. Select Log in from the dropdown. 

Account log in

You must create an OE Account when purchasing any Octava Engineering product. Use the same email and password when you purchased the device. Fill in the Email and Password fields. If you forgot your password, please select Forgot your password? to retrieve it. 

Account Sign in


Account Dashboard

There are a few different ways you can set up your OE Account. Some customers prefer to have one login overseeing multiple devices across many locations. Others prefer to create an account per location or device. It is totally up to you.

Account dashboard


Total Test Minutes Available

The total number of Test Minutes you have is outlined below. Devices associated with the account pull from this. Use the Test Minutes App in AutoCUE to transfer Test Minutes from the OE Account to the device. When Total Minutes Available starts to get low, you'll need to restock by logging into your OE Account. To better understand how Test Minutes work, [view Test Minute pricing and restock instructions, plus estimate how many you'll need].

Total minutes available

Devices Panel

The Devices Panel is tied to your OE Account. From the Devices Panel, you can see exactly which devices you own or oversee. We recommend making the Device Name unique and descriptive. Include things like device type and facility location. This keeps things simple and easy to manage as you add more devices or onboard more people. Processes change, and things get shifted around. Learn how to Remove and Add Devices from your OE Account.

Device panel

Test Minutes Panel

The Test Minutes Panel allows you to view usage history by device. You can see who uses it the most or who should use it more to better control budget and resource allocation.

Minutes panel