Meet the RunWELL Motor Tester

Motor amperage and voltage in Run Mode and Final Test reported.

One test stand, not hundreds

For all types of encoders and servo motors.

No signal conversion here

Actual signals and values reported in real time.

From current to voltage

Set the parameters unique to each motor.

Never miss a bit

See how motor and encoder work in tandem.

The only universal closed-loop system test for servo motors.

  • Lower engineering expenses and test stand maintenance
  • Prevent rework and warranties with better-quality testing

The Reviews Are In

I'm really impressed, and so are the guys. The EASA St. Louis trip was worth buying the Linea X3 and RunWELL alone.

Matt F.

We have increased flexibility and new knowledge since our collaboration began.

Jonathan D.

Director of Operations
Clint worked years on the repair side and knows more about servos than anyone I've ever spoken with.

Mike H.

Mind-blowing compared to our previous restrictions.

Dan B.

Motor Dept. Manager

What’s in the Box

Happy Testing

24Vdc and 48Vdc
Power Supply Module

Input Power Cable

Network Cable (1m)

Accessory Cable


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