RunWELL Servo Motor Tester

Thoroughly test servo motors in-house across many brands without relying on outside vendors or multiple test stands. 

The RunWELL Servo Motor Tester is the only universal closed-loop system test capable of running a servo motor while analyzing the encoder. Eliminating the need to build individual OEM drive test stands. 

Use the RunWELL Servo Motor Tester with AutoCUE Software for:

  • Evaluation
  • Run Mode
  • Final Test
  • Reporting

Significantly higher quality and more affordable than competing testers, many have made the switch or entered the servo motor repair business with great success.


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» Cold Motor Test A calibration sequence will synchronize the motor and encoder with the test equipment.

» Run Test Run the motor for several minutes or hours to bring the motor up to operating temperature.

» Hot Motor Test The calibration sequence repeats and a second alignment validation is performed.

» Test Report Out of bounds events observed and percent match of signal characteristics against good encoder.

» Encoder Analytics Closed-loop system test analyzes encoder signals in real time without converting to hall effect.

Servo Drive Axis Count Connectivity Other Requirements
AKD2G Single Axis EtherCAT • Linea X3 Encoder Tester
• Test Minutes
Voltage Rating Current Rating Brake Control Safety
240Vac 12 Integrated E-stop