RunWELL Servo Motor Tester

With this equipment you’ll be able to fully test servo motors in-house without having to rely on outside vendors or multiple test stands. What traditionally took 20+ years to develop you’ll have up and running in one day.

Use one test stand to run test all types of encoders and servo motors. The RunWELL Servo Motor Tester is the only universal closed-loop motor test system with calibration and alignment verification checks. 

The system is significantly more efficient and more affordable than competing test systems. Users have noticed 70% cost savings after making the switch. 

Must purchase Linea X3 Encoder Tester.


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» Cold Motor Test A calibration sequence will synchronize the motor and encoder with the test equipment.

» Run Test Run the motor for several minutes or hours to bring the motor up to operating temperature.

» Hot Motor Test The calibration sequence repeats and a second alignment validation is performed.

» Test Report Out of bounds events observed and percent match of signal characteristics against good encoder.

» Encoder Analytics Closed-loop system test analyzes encoder signals in real time without converting to hall effect.

Servo Drive Axis Count Connectivity Other Requirements
AKD2G Single Axis EtherCAT • Linea X3 Encoder Tester
• Test Minutes
Voltage Rating Current Rating Brake Control Safety
240Vac 12 Integrated E-stop