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Troubleshoot without Limits

Welcome to Octava Engineering

Our Mission: To design updated, modern testing and diagnostic equipment.

Established in 2020, our next-generation diagnostic, validation, and repair equipment is trusted by 3rd party repair companies, manufacturers, and OEMs across 5 continents and 15 countries. Our team of 13, and growing, is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, with locations in the United States and Brazil.

Electronic and mechanical systems evolved while the tools used to troubleshoot them remained unchanged. Frustrated by the shortfalls of previous testing and diagnostic equipment – we decided to take matters into our own hands. From the Linea X3 Encoder Tester with its preventive reporting and real-time signal processing to the RunWELL Servo Motor Tester. We'll continue to obsess over every solder point, bit, and pinout to design the absolute best testing and diagnostic equipment possible.

Our 8 Guiding Principles

With our track record of performance, our exceptional team, and strong values to guide us,
we’re well-positioned for this decade and beyond.


We believe in ease-of-use, not the complex


We wake-up every day building what we love


We are all in it together


We treat the company as if one were the founder


We face challenges, don’t run from them


We want all of our stakeholders to succeed


We give great service to everyone


We tackle issues without waiting to be asked

Get to Know Us

The brains behind the brand

Scott Waters

Technical Support

Clint Switzer

Hardware Engineer

Nishant Pathak

Software Engineer

Dan Lizak

Technical Support

Each product is designed and built at Octava’s Corporate Campus a few miles north of Detroit in Warren, MI.

We’re seeking a diverse team of talented individuals to do extraordinary work: People who find motivation in reframing old problems and seeking new solutions, discovering innovative ways to make What if a reality, who work closely and share in our Troubleshoot without Limits vision.