One System to Repair All Types and Brands of Servo Motors.

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One Test System to Repair servo Motors

Real-time signal processing and advanced analytics to align and test all types of servo motors.

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Know the Behavior of Electrical Signals

Know the Behavior of Electrical Signals

Uncover what you've been missing. Eliminate overcurrent, low torque, position errors, and speed deviations with clear readings and conclusive next steps.

View Lost, Distorted, or Weakened Signals
Get Accurate Digital and Analog Signal Readings
Crystal Clear Data Acquisition and Interpretation

Solve Serious Problems with Less Effort and Greater Accuracy

Out in the field or at the bench - trace errors with quicker diagnosis, unveil hidden issues, and renew your equipment to peak performance.

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Universal Servo Motor Repair Test Equipment

From the head-scratching to the routine, every servo motor plays a role in your success. Be ready with advanced test and measurement equipment. Completely built around the user and designed to assist with the most burdensome parts of servo motor troubleshooting, testing, and repair.

Determine the Root Cause
Sharpen Maintenance Performance
Have a Great Repair Record

Universal Servo Motor Repair Test Equipment

Ready to Take Servo Motor Repair to the Next Level?

See how the Linea X3 Encoder Tester and RunWELL Servo Motor Tester will transform your maintenance and repair process without spending a dime. No sales jargon, we're engineers who understand your challenges.

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Tips for the Serious Troubleshooting Enthusiast

Experts offer their best advice, research, how-to’s, and insights - all in the name of helping you level-up your factory automation and troubleshooting skills.

Part 1: Learn how an encoder converts a shaft's motion into signals to calculate distance, speed, and direction.

Join us for an hour-long discussion on servo motor repair and service opportunities in the fast-burgeoning robotics space.

New encoder tester poised to shake things up later this year with digital-first motor alignment technology and improved encoder repair features.