Octava Engineering Joins EASA - Brings New Encoder Testing Technology

Mark Switzer

Octava Engineering Joins EASA - Brings New Encoder Testing Technology

This past week, Octava Engineering (OE) joined the Electro-Mechanical Authority (EASA). As an Associate Member, the OE team looks forward to advancing the organization's commitment to the people entrusted with servicing and caring for hundreds of thousands of electro-mechanical devices currently in use.


"EASA is one of the few organizations digging deep and wanting to have in-depth technical discussions. Where else can you discuss the instruments and tools needed for testing brushless servo motors or the air gap between a rotor and stator core? It's just great."

- Paul Gutierrez, President and Founder of Octava Engineering, said in a statement.

As an Associate Member, EASA provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with over 1,800 electro-mechanical sales and service firms in nearly 80 countries.Thousands of members care about the customer, place great value on testing, and want to advance the service and performance of electric motors, pumps, drives, controls, gearboxes, and other rotating machinery.

"This is an organization that is highly trusted in our industry. It isn't information from a random forum or someone with their own agenda. They're committed to standardization, and their recommendations are always backed by sound data."

Path to Tomorrow

Octava Engineering's new encoder tester is poised to shake things up later this year. The Linea X3 Encoder Tester will improve troubleshooting capability and is currently in the final stretch of beta testing with servo motor repair shops in Ohio and Michigan.

  • Know if you have alignment issues
  • Faulty encoders or resolvers in need of repair
  • Defects with the servo motor itself

"Surge testers, oscilloscopes, and meggers have become the norm. We believe the Linea X3 will become the next industry standard." - Clint Switzer, Product Development Engineer at Octava Engineering.

Octava Engineering is looking to create an educational outreach program with trade schools and universities beginning in early 2022. Several have shown interest already. The program allows students and educators to work firsthand with emerging tech like the Linea X3.

"We're excited about helping the next generation of maintenance managers and repair technicians troubleshoot better."

When asked specifically about the motivation behind the product, Clint replied, "Electronic and mechanical systems evolved while the tools used to troubleshoot them largely remained unchanged." Testing and diagnostic equipment needed an updated, modern approach.

The encoder is a painstakingly complicated little device, often the most difficult to troubleshoot and diagnose.The Linea X3 eliminates these challenges and simplifies the entire process. People needed an encoder tester capable of standing up to the challenge. They needed to know with absolute certainty that the issue was resolved.