Simple Strategies for Improving Test Minute Usage

Mark Switzer

Simple Strategies for Improving Test Minute Usage

The Test Minutes app allows the device owner to view the Total Test Minutes Available and transfer them from account to device. This article will walk you through the entire process and explain Test Minutes and how to get the most out of them.

Test Minutes App

There are no hidden fees, software licenses, "premium" add-ons, purchase editions, adapter modules, or wasteful 4-Credit checkouts. You have 100% access to everything. Software upgrades are released as new capabilities and features launch at no cost to you.

Test Minutes never expire, and there is no order minimum or required annual purchase.

1 Test Minute = 60 Seconds

The Test Minutes app is located in the side panel navigation within the AutoCue software. Test Minute usage begins after you select Start Collection. You can start or stop the test anytime with Start Collection and Stop Collection.

Buy More Test Minutes

Here is a video version of How to Purchase Test Minutes for the visual learner. Happy watching.



Before running a test, check to make sure Test Minutes are available. When a restock is needed, log in to your OE Account and select Buy Test Minutes. The pricing structure is straightforward and affordable.

Buying Test Minutes
Checkout Test Minutes

Test Minute Pricing

Most Linea X3 and RunWELL users average 15 Test Minutes per repair. The winning UX design prevents jumping between screens, resulting in a 56% faster repair experience.

Test Minute pricing chart

Checkout Test Minutes

After selecting the number of Test Minutes and adding payment information, you should see the purchased Test Minutes in your account after checkout. Each device associated with the account pulls from Test Minutes Available. Use the Test Minutes app within the AutoCUE software to transfer Test Minutes from the account to the device.

Updated Total Minutes Available

Navigate to the On Device section within the Test Minutes app and select how many you want to transfer using the Get More field.

Before test minutes transfer

A screen notification will let you know if the transfer was successful. Click OK to confirm. 

Minutes transferred pop-up

Total Test Minutes Available should decrease, and Test Minutes in the On Device section should increase by the amount you requested.

After minutes transfer

Best Practices

Activate Start Collection for Encoder Checks, Memory Programming, and Alignment. You can start or stop the test anytime. As a safety measure, after 10 minutes of no activity, Stop Collection is activated to avoid waste.

You only use Test Minutes during analytics segments, never during setup or switching between motors. Certain Test Apps, including Run Mode and Evaluation Mode, provide great value at 0 Test Minutes. The Final Test is fully automated.

Here are some other tips to get the most from your Test Minutes:

  • Stop Collection during disconnect and setup periods or when not actively testing a motor.